Siobhan Gomes McNabb – Light Consultancy & Design (SGM-LCD) is an architectural lighting consultancy and design practice, positioned at the nexus of Architecture and Light.
The use of Light can reveal and enrich architectural spaces, materials and artifacts and enhance the way in which they are experienced and perceived.

Light is an essential element to all projects. At SGM-LCD, we integrate light with architecture, reinforcing and enhancing its design and typology; adding value to our projects.

Our varied portfolio includes projects across Australia and abroad. This breadth of experience has borne an understanding of varied aesthetic styles and cultures, and established skilled practical requirements for diverse project types.

Our lighting designs reflect the overarching concept and form of a project, and we work closely with all parties to ensure a coherent concept-to-execution process. The result is a unified relationship between light and the architectural concept, fabric, culture and greater purpose of each project. 

At SGM-LCD, our passion and aim is to progress the synergy between design, light and life, and to create a broader understanding and appreciation of these elements across our greater community.


Siobhan was introduced to the wonders of light early in her career and is passionate about enhancing people’s experience of their environment, and giving architecture the reverence it deserves, through the integration of light and design.

After finishing a Degree in Architecture at the University of Melbourne, Siobhan worked for Zanghellini Holt Architects in Hong Kong, before her appointment as Project Director for award winning Hong Kong-based architectural lighting firm, Linbeck Rauch (now Double Vision). She led the lighting project team on many high-profile projects, including the pivotal Cyberport project – designed by Arquitectonica and The Jerde. This project was, at the time, the largest architectural project in South East Asia.

During her tenure at Linbeck Rauch, Siobhan also recognized the potential of their dormant publishing department, Lighting-Linx. She, along with Linbeck Rauch’s director, revamped and co-edited the International Lighting-Linx Directories and created SWITCH; an International Magazine, dedicated to all things light – from architecture to art, to the newest innovations in lighting technology. 

Returning to Australia, Siobhan worked at the renowned lighting company Euroluce in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. During these years she regularly worked with award winning architects and designers, and was involved in countless lighting design projects, many of which won coveted design awards.

Continuing her joy in sharing her knowledge and passion of light and design, Siobhan has contributed to many Australian design magazines, such as Indesign, DQ and Poster, and is often interviewed by journalists around Australia on current trends in lighting design and technologies.

Siobhan was greatly involved in the NSW IES (Illumination Engineering Society ANZ), as well as Objective:Light; organizing presentations by various artists, who use light as their medium, from choreographers to famous rock-stage lighting designers.

Siobhan’s expansive project experience and frequent travel to global lighting and design fairs and seminars, have strengthened her professional knowledge, and enabled her to forge strong connections with local & internationally acclaimed lighting specialists and designers.

Through SGM-LCD, Siobhan continues to work on many varied architectural projects across Australia, enriching architecture and design with the medium of light.